Syrinx Symphony

With only two months left on sabbatical before I return home, the time has come to assimilate my newly minted skills and check a few things off of my composerly to-do list. Here is my capstone orchestration project, Syrinx Symphony. It is my love letter to the Bay Area and features west coast bird song. If you choose to listen, I encourage the use of good speakers and/or headphones in order to enjoy the best possible audio quality.

So many people to thank here: Bay Nature Magazine for inspiring this project, ornithologist deluxe John C. Robinson for helping me choose the birdsongs that appear in this piece, Souheir and John Rawlings and their Art and Soul Artist Residency Program, Carina Ho for her invaluable feedback, Kathleen and Steven Mead, Carrie Clark, Carleton Gillenwater, and Kat White for their cheerleading and support, and the folks at Awesöme Orchestra for being eternally awesöme.