Musical Test Kitchen Blog - Summer Sessions

Hi! In preparation for a 10-day artist retreat this August, I would like to thoroughly and systematically exercise my orchestration and  composition muscles. I have chosen Jorge Variego's book Composing with Constraints: 100 Practical Exercises in Music Composition to guide…

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Bright Lights European Tour 2022

In September, I went on tour with the amazing and talented ONIKHO! We performed in NYC, London, and Berlin. Here is a photographic/videographic retrospective of some of the highlights. 


We kicked things off at Nicky's Unisex in NYC:



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Awesöme Orchestra's End-of-Year Concert

I will be taking a brief leave of absence from my current residency at the Dorland Artist Colony in Temecula, CA, in order to attend Awesöme Orchestra Collective's EOY concert and fundraiser on Sunday, December 12th at the Freight and…

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Syrinx Symphony

With only two months left on sabbatical before I return home, the time has come to assimilate my newly minted skills and check a few things off of my composerly to-do list. Here is my capstone orchestration project, Syrinx Symphony

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