Composing With Constraints: Exercises 5-9

Five more prompts from Jorge Variego's book Composing with Constraints:


Exercise 5) Compose a melody for trumpet that uses the scale on page 10 in the given order and register. 


Exercise 6) Compose a melody for vibraphone that uses the same ordered scale as exercise 5 and one of the rhythmic structures provided on page 10. 


Exercise 7) Compose a melody for french horn using only pitches from concatenated major and minor triads. “Concatenation” is the action of linking things together in a series. In this case, the next triad will have one or two pitches in common with the previous one. 


Exercise 8) Compose a melody for bass clarinet using only pitches from concatenated triads. This time, any triad (major, minor, diminished, augmented, etc.) is acceptable. 


Exercise 9) In this exercise you will compose a melody for solo tenor trombone by reshuffling a given melody into segments of equal duration.